5 Unlikely uses for CBD! Find Out More

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CBD Uses

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is perhaps the most popular non-psychotropic compound of cannabis. Translation: you get all the health benefits without the high. Some have jumped on the bandwagon immediately while others are still skeptical about its application. Although the research is still young and it may take decades before we get to understand how CBD affects our bodies and minds, so far everything points to a vast array of health benefits. Let’s learn more about CBD uses.

Studies show that CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body, decrease anxiety and depression, and work as pain and symptom relief in patients with cancer. Some have even successfully used it in treating neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy. These are all groundbreaking findings that can change the future of healthcare, but the benefits of CBD don’t stop here.

We will list some of the lesser known uses for CBD that have been proven to be effective and quick to show good results.

It Can Help You Fall Asleep Easily

You don’t have to suffer from insomnia to know how tiring and frustrating it can be to have trouble falling and staying asleep. If you leave it unaddressed, this condition can lead to chronic fatigue, exhaustion, a weak immune system, and other physical and mental issues. Because a lot of insomnia cases are an underlying sign of anxiety, CBD can give you the relief you are looking for and help relax your mind. However, it does not replace treatment, but it’s only a supplement that can help speed up your recovery.

It Can Help You Quit Smoking

Although it’s quite controversial, evidence suggests that fighting substance addiction with cannabidiol can be an effective alternative to plasters, nicotine gum, and medicinal cigarettes. If nothing has worked so far, then you might as well give it a try. Don’t worry: CBS does not show any signs of being an addictive substance.

However, proceed with care when treating big cases of addiction, as it may lead to the opposite result. Smoking is, fortunately, a safe addiction, so to speak, that you can fight on every level, compared with heroin addiction or other heavy drug uses.

It Can Treat Acne

Acne is not easy to get rid of, especially when its causes are a combination of factors that are not easy to identify. Fortunately, CBD can be an effective alternative treatment that has shown very promising results. Whether it is its anti-inflammatory effect, the fact that it causes the skin cells to produce less sebum or a different mechanism that we didn’t learn about yet, CBD seems to have a positive effect on your skin.

It Treats Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease (Prion disease) can be difficult to treat, even in places where medical care is top quality. The problem is that it can degenerate quickly into life-threatening conditions. Well, it turns out that cannabidiol can protect neurons from deteriorating fast and from the neurodegenerative process that follows the Prion infection.

It Improves Symptoms of ADHD and ADD

Often, treatment for attention deficit disorders or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders has strong side effects that damage the quality of life for the patients. CBD has been tested as a treatment, and the results are promising. Children who were under treatment were more focused and lessened their restlessness.

These amazing uses for cannabidiol represent a whole new spec of light and hope for patients affected by these conditions. For now, research is still ongoing, and the terrain is unexplored, especially concerning long-term use, but for many, it is worth trying it as a new treatment. Make sure that you talk with your doctor and address any concern or ask them any question you may have. Take it slowly and adjust your body to the new substance and keep track of any changes that may appear when using CBD.

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