TREET Aromatherapy Disposable Vape Pen

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Essential oil diffusers can be complicated, so TREET have simplified the process and created a personal and portable essential oil diffuser. Simply choose a blend, inhale and experience nature with TREET.

Simple. Pre-filled and fully charged. No complications.

Guaranteed safety. No nicotine, artificial ingredients, diacetyl, or propylene glycol.

Premium. Contains 100% pure essential oils from reputable sources, blended by TREET.

Essential oils, Triacetin, Vegetable glycerin, Propanediol and natural flavours.

A stimulating blend that combines the uplifting properties of Orange, Lemon and Mandarin oils with the refreshing properties of Pine and Spearmint.

An invigorating blend of Lemon oil, Scotch Pine, Rosemary, and Lime. Designed to purify the mind and refresh the senses.

This sensual and relaxing blend that combines juicy Sweet Oranges, floral Ylang Ylang, herbal Patchouli, and fresh Palma Rosa