O'Shaughnessy Hemp Infused Turmeric, Lychee & Cirtus 500ml CBD Cordial

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- Dilute 1part (28ml) syrup with 8 parts of still or sparkling water to give you
  a 250ml serving that contains 5mg of full spectrum soluble CBD

- Made with natural fruit flavours, botanical extracts and added health                 supplements for energy and vitality

- This flavour is a refreshing, delicious, all-natural fruit syrup that
  contains health giving nutritional supplements that will help you enjoy life to the full, with Maximum energy and vitality.

- All Natural Flavourings and colours

- No Added Suger Just Natural Stevia

- Vegan, And Gluten Free

- Vitamins B3, B6, B7, & B12

- 18 Servings In Each Bottel

- 90mg on Each Bottel

- 5mg Per Drink