CBD Edibles are they the future of healthy food?

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Because of its therapeutic benefits, CBD has been infused into all sorts of everyday consumables, from ice cream and protein bars to coffee and cocktails. In fact, CBD edibles are already considered a major wellness trend. It’s no longer uncommon to see CBD edibles in the health section of stores, and many local cafes, bars and restaurants that advocate for clean eating already have CBD pastries and drinks in their menus, sometimes right alongside vegan options, highlighting how CBD in general is edging closer to mainstream status.

Even though you’ll come across CBD oils, e-liquids, and tinctures in abundance, CBD edibles remain the most prominent individual category, and the prediction is that CBD edibles might actually dominate the entire CBD market in the near future.

But as much as CBD edibles are gaining traction in the wellness world, we know that trends can come and go easily. So are CBD edibles poised to be the future of healthy food, or is this only a brief moment in the spotlight? Let’s take a closer look at what exactly CBD edibles are and why they’ve become so appealing.

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are simply food products that have CBD in them. Instead of vaping, dripping CBD oil directly on your tongue, or swallowing a pill, you just have to eat an edible to get CBD into your system. And they taste pretty good as well.

Because CBD is versatile and easy to add to food, there are countless CBD edibles out there, and options are getting ever more creative. However, one factor that chefs and recipe creators have to be mindful of is the flavour. CBD on its own has a strong taste that leans towards bitter and earthy, so it’s best infused into foods that have a complimentary or similar flavour profile. This is why chocolate, coffee, and even gummies are among the most common CBD edibles—and when you try any of these, you’ll hardly taste the CBD.

Alternatively, CBD can also be mixed with herbs or even olive and coconut oil to provide a bit of a kick. Although CBD mixes easily with food because it’s fat-soluble, temperature also has to be controlled so it doesn’t evaporate away.

Types of CBD Edibles

Most CBD edibles are sweets or pastries because these are the most easily packaged. A Streetbees survey found that sweets are the most popular CBD Edibles, with 46% of people interested in trying them while 38% are curious about CBD-infused drinks, cooking oils, and ingredients. Aside from sweets, you’ll definitely find a wide range of other products, including yogurt, chips, and even protein bars.

Gummies are also extremely popular. These come in all sorts of flavours, CBD dosages, and colors, and you can even opt for vegan-friendly ones or sign up for a subscription service.

CBD-infused chocolate is also thriving, given that chocolate is well-liked in the UK (the average brit eats around 40g of chocolate every week!) For the health-conscious, there are plenty of CBD dark chocolates that are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. You can also choose from CBD-infused breath mints, honey and nut butter, veggie chips, and syrup for better sleep, to name a few.

While technically not considered edibles, CBD Drinks are also on the rise, with traditional healthy drinks like tea, kombucha, and green smoothies being mixed with CBD.

Why People Choose CBD Edibles

People mainly take CBD edibles for their health benefits. CBD has a naturally relaxing effect, helping relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. It has also been found to have antioxidant properties, and it can even be part of treatment for more serious conditions like multiple sclerosis, substance addiction, and schizophrenia.

CBD edibles have an edge over other CBD products because they require little effort or adjustment. As snacks or part of your meal, they’re discreet, and you won’t even taste the CBD in them. They’re also usually cheaper than CBD products.

What’s great about CBD edibles is you already know how much CBD you’re taking exactly too. You just have to check the packaging, and you can find out from there how much CBD each piece contains. Edibles can have as low as 2 mg of CBD per piece up to several hundred mg, so you can easily choose which dosage works for you.

How CBD Edibles Work 

When you ingest a CBD edible, the CBD gets digested and eventually goes into your bloodstream before being processed in enzymes in your body. However, compared to CBD Oils and tinctures, the effects of CBD edibles can take longer to kick in because your body absorbs it more slowly. You might start feeling more relaxed after around half an hour.

In general, CBD has minimal side effects, so CBD edibles are typically safe for people to ingest. They won’t get you high either, so it’s fine to snack on them as you go about your day. If you’re taking medications, though, check with your doctor first to make sure these won’t cross-react with CBD. Blood thinners, certain anxiety drugs, and antihistamines can be incompatible with CBD, for example (at Cannabidiol Online, we make sure to offer only CBD edibles from reputable brands with properly tested and analysed products).

The Legal Status of CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are legal in the UK as long as they have less than 0.2% THC. Because THC is a psychoactive substance, having low or near zero levels of it means that CBD edibles won’t get you high the way marijuana does.

There is one regulation, though, that might have a huge impact on CBD edibles in the future. The European Commission is looking into classifying CBD edibles as a form of novel food, which means food that hasn’t been eaten a lot by people in Europe since 1997. This would require all CBD edibles to be registered before they enter the market, a lengthy process that could take several months.

That being said, in a post Brexit UK, the implementation of novel foods in the UK hasn’t been finalised yet, and many are pushing to exempt CBD edibles from this, considering that CBD has been used for centuries all over the world. Discussions are still ongoing, but given the huge demand for them, it’s possible that CBD edibles will continue to be just as available in the future.

CBD Edibles as the Future of Healthy Food

Our notions of healthy food have evolved over the years, and in particular, we have more quick bites and snacks now that are more wellness-oriented rather than just prioritising flavour. Nut butter, acai powder, paleo bread, and kefir are only some of these, and CBD edibles are already part of the list. Part of the reason why CBD edibles are such a hit is people are arguably having to cope with more stress and stimulation now than in years gone by. CBD edibles naturally bring an increased sense of calm and relaxation—and you can easily choose one that suits your palate.

As CBD becomes more accessible, CBD edibles are likely to turn into a mainstay in the wellness world. After all, CBD can be infused into so many different types of food for an added boost. Expect more options to show up too, including the CBD-infused version of whatever your favorite healthy snack is.


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